SAGHS welcomes all who share an interest in family history in West Texas!
San Angelo, Texas circa 1880s
San Angelo, Texas circa 1880s

We invite you to explore our website and consider becoming a member of our society. SAGHS is a nonprofit organization founded in 1973 to promote interest in genealogy and history. It is a society for everyone, from the beginner to the most advanced genealogist researching anywhere in the world. Subscribe to our newsletter HERE.

Who’s your (great-grand) daddy?

Start your discovery at the Genealogy Fair, August 30, 6:30 p.m. at the Community Room in the Stephens Central Library in San Angelo. With dozens of exhibits, the Genealogy Fair promises exciting opportunities for interacting with a wide variety of historical and genealogical organizations and enthusiasts. Plus, SAGHS will be giving away door prizes! The Genealogy Fair is free and open to all who are interested in learning more about local history and family history. Plan now to attend and bring a friend – it will be great fun and a great way to introduce someone to genealogy! Would you like to help with this fun event? The Genealogy Fair Committee will be meeting soon to formulate plans. Contact Susan Ball by EMAIL to volunteer.

Detective Service

SAGHS gave away three free family research investigations as drawing prizes for our 2016-2017 Membership Drive. The winners were requested to provide at least three research possibilities for ancestors residing in the United States in the 1800s or later. They may also request researchers to analyze DNA connections to uncover unknown family. The research team will select one research problem from among those provided by the winner. Results for all three drawing winners will be shared in the SAGHS meeting in December – we’ll have Genealogy Roadshow, San Angelo Style!
Would you like to participate as a member of a research team? You don’t have to be an expert! Working with the team will enhance your research skills and help you learn how to solve your own research problems. Contact Susan Ball at SAGHS.Inc@gmail.com if interested.

Family Legends Needed!

Do you have a family myth, a celebrity connection, or odd family story you’d like proved or disproved? Susan Ball, author of the "Family Myth Busters" series in the Stalkin’ Kin, would like to research your story for the next issue. She’s willing to tackle most any submission that involves research in the 1800s or 1900s. Contact her with your family legend by EMAIL 

Summer is the Season for Writing

We’ve all got a family story (or two or three ...) in us and what better time to put that story to paper than the long hot days of summer? We know it’s going to be blistering hot – we live in West Texas! In those hours between 5 a.m. and midnight when it’s too hot to work outside, spend some time putting your
family stories to paper. We’d love to publish them in the Stalkin’ Kin – it’s a great way to preserve your unique heritage for future generations. Send what
you “ cook up” at your keyboard  by email to Editor.

Special Interest Groups

SAGHS has two Special Interest Groups (SIGs), one on DNA and another based on Thomas McEntee's Genealogy Do-Over Program.
The Do-Over SIG (aka Organizing your Research) will meet immediately after the 3rd Monday Genealogy Luncheon (about 12:45 p.m.) in the west end of the Rio Concho Manor dining hall. This is a great SIG for those who want to get started or just get organized. You don't have to buy a meal at McGowan's to participate in this SIG.
The DNA SIG meets at 6:00 p.m. just prior to our regular meetings the first Tuesday of each month, September through May (we take a break in the summer). No registration is required, just show up!

Upcoming Events
June 1st
Fun at the Fort - Kids' Summer Programs
Bring your kids to Fort Concho this summer to experience the 19th Century. Tickets must be purchased in advance and space is limited for each program. For more information please contact Carol Cummings at (325) 657-4441.
August 15th
3rd Monday Genealogy Luncheon
Join us 11:30 a.m. at the Rio Concho High Rise for good food and lively genealogical discussions and  McGowan's features a delicious buffet!
August 15th
Get Organized SIG
Follow along in our discussion based on Thomas MacEntee's Genealogy Do-Over (or Go-Over) as we clean up, organize and prune our family trees. Meet in the back section of the Rio Concho Manor dining room following the 3rd Monday Genealogy lunch.