2022-2023 Speaker Series

Plan now to join us online for these outstanding live presentations by top genealogy speakers from across the U.S.!
September 6
A Flush with Two Pair?: A Case of Too Many People and Not Enough Names presented by Jeff Haines.
This presentation will explore some basic principles for dealing with multiple people with the same names. These will be illustrated with a case study involving two girls with the same name, the same birth date, and parents with the same names. A careful analysis of the records of the two families, keeping these principles in mind, provides a solution to the problem and clears up the confusion found in many online sources.
October 4
Genealogy Fair & 50th Anniversary
Celebrating 50 Years of Genealogy in the Concho Valley!
Stephens Central Library, Downtown San Angelo – 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
November 1
Who Needed it Anyway? Getting Around the 1890 Census presented by Sarah Cochran.
The loss of the 1890 Federal census is a source of great frustration for American Genealogists, but all hope is not lost! Learn strategies and gather tips for success in locating your family in other records between the 1880 and 1900 Federal censuses.
December 6
FTDNA Geographical to Surname Projects & How They Benefit You by Paula Perkins
Currently more than 11,000 DNA projects that include geographical, surname, Haplogroup, and genealogical society representation. Volunteer project administrators maintain projects including the TxSGS Early Texans. Maximize your DNA results by collaborating with others through the projects and gain insight into your DNA results.
January 3
My Cousin Trigger: The Power of Family Legends by Cari Taplin
In this program, Cari Taplin discusses family legends and takes the audience through a brief outline of the life of Roy Rogers (Leonard Slye). Then, through census research, she illustrates her family’s legend of being related to Roy Rogers. She also shows a short documentary “Searching for Roy” created by her cousin, Betsy Greer, that further demonstrates the importance of family legends.
February 7
Unusual Places to Find Births and Naturalizations presented by Debra Dudek
Widen your search for birth dates and locations as well as naturalizations from underutilized resources such as military rosters, consulate applications, voter registrations, cancelled passports, frakturs, and much more. This lecture focuses on both digital and physical resources.
March 7
Using Church Records for Genealogy Research presented by Diane Richard
Discovering where denominational records are held, what might be available, and how to access them can challenge us. Let’s explore how to research the spiritual affiliations and faith-based lives of our ancestors. General resources and strategies will be discussed as well as some specifics regarding Methodist, Quaker, Baptist, Moravian, Presbyterian, and the records of other denominations.
April 4
Research Guides: A Key to More Exhaustive Research presented by Lori Thornton
Research guides describe available locality- or topic-specific resources. They can include key information needed when researching in these locations. Find guides created by libraries, archives, museums, and societies, and learn to create your own.
May 2
The Brick Wall Buster Technique presented by Kim Richardson
The Brick Wall Buster Cards Technique coaches you through the best methods to gain traction in your genealogy research without feeling overwhelmed, spending a lot of money, or taking specialized classes to learn how. Using this system, you’ll be a dynamo of genealogy planning and researching, problem-solving for those tough problems a.k.a. brick walls, and writing your results and your ancestor's biography. The method is easy to use and will have you solving genealogy mysteries in no time!